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We invite you, both parents and children, to visit our Clinic and to meet our team. He will help you answer all your questions. Our team of orthodontists will also teach your children, using educational and visual resources, what the treatment plan is and the work that will be done in each session.

At the Guitián Clinic we play rooms will all types of games, comics and DVDs. Young ones will be able to choose to either watch, read or paint. 


At the Guitián Clinic we undertake child and adult Orthodontics treatment. The results are more effective during childhood, as the repositioning of teeth is easier then, because they are still developing.

We use the latest techniques, like invisible orthodontics and aesthetic brackets, which make the treatment nicer.

At our centre we provide in-depth analysis of each orthodontic case in a completely personalised way. Our professionals are renowned for their quality, service, experience, and overall, for the results they achieve.

Having a nice smile, a healthy mouth and teeth that have been taken care of makes you more relaxed.


From the time that the milk teeth appear, our children must visit the dentist regularly to avoid, in the future, buccodental health issues. Milk teeth are as important as permanent ones, and their mission is to hold the space for the latter. It is necessary to keep them in a good state and without caries, undertaking a good hygiene and an appropriate diet.

We must also check if there is any problem caused by the growth and positioning of the bones in the maxillary area and the jaw. Because children are still growing, we can take advantage of this period of growth to correct these problems more easily. In this way we will avoid possible surgical procedures when the patient is older. Our work motto is that prevention is the best treatment.  


We want to make even the youngest aware about the importance of prevention in buccodental health. Everything starts by acquiring good buccal hygiene habits from an early age.

At the Guitián Clinic we want to teach your children the best techniques and buccodental hygiene habits that will allow them to prevent caries, gingivitis and periodontal diseases.

The appearance of the first set of milk teeth is the time to make your first visit to our odontopediatrician. This expert will be in charge of providing children with the necessary training so they can begin with appropriate dental hygiene.

An early and complete knowledge of your mouth lets us start, where needed, corrective treatment faster and more effectively. We will show you how we are going to mould your mouth, so it grows like you - strong and healthy.

If well placed you will be able to bite into all the things you like, they will look nice when you smile, and you will be able to show them off. 

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