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Avant-garde techniques in our treatments 

At the Centro Médico Odontológico Guitián we have state-of the art technology available to offer our patients the best solutions to all their health issues.

The technology we use, of the highest international level, is a tool that in the hands of our professionals allows us to improve the life quality of our patients. It offers them a different prospective on their health, and guarantees a perfect result. Besides, it also helps to prevent patients making unnecessary trips, as all the diagnostic tests are performed on the premises.

Among the technical equipment, stand outs include the low radiation scanner, the laser diode, systems used to elaborate computerized prostheses for implants and on natural teeth using a minimally invasive method, like the 3SHAPE/CEREC, the computer systems for guided surgery, the visualisation programs for personalised orthodontic treatment, as well as digital cephalometries and computerized smile design systems, among many others.

We also have an operating theatre equipped with all the necessary technology for treatments that require sedation. 

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Dental 3D

The system of radiology in three dimensions or a scanner allows us to obtain images of the area requiring treatment with the highest level of detail and accuracy, which makes it easier to obtain an accurate diagnosis and a subsequent individualised treatment plan.

This method emits 90 % less radiation than conventional X-ray devices, and much less than other conventional medical scanners.

The three dimensional images obtained via this dental scanner make the detailed planning of the buccal and implantology surgeries possible, as well as any other type of dentistry treatment. It allows us to find any lesions with higher accuracy, and makes the process of obtaining and visualising the images faster, which translates to savings in time for those who visit our clinic.

The buccal images captured by intraoral cameras during the patient’s first visit, together with the explanations of our professionals supported by graphic aids, help patients better understand, from the very outset, the diagnosis, and allows patients to be fully aware and confident of their treatment.

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Guided Surgery Systems

The guided surgery systems allow for higher accuracy when placing dental implants. Using this tool, we can place implants in the optimal position, achieving perfect aesthetics and functionality.

The three dimensional image of the patient's mouth is sent from an oral scanner to a computer. Using this image we perform the virtual placement of the implants. Once the position of the implants is decided, personalised surgical templates are manufactured, that will have a few holes that serve us as a guide as to where to pierce the gum without having to open it. 

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Invasive Dentistry

At the Guitián Clinic we practice minimally invasive dentistry, which involves the conservation of the greatest possible part of healthy tissues. It is a new work philosophy based on respect for healthy tissues and their nature that is applied to all types of dentistry treatments, from caries, tooth root treatments, veneers...

Besides, thanks to the advancement of computer programs and technology that we have available to us, our implantological surgeries involve less discomfort and inconveniences and are done in a shorter timeframe, requiring fewer consultations and guarantying the progress of each phases to a greater satisfaction for the patient. 

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The laser is an added value for all dental treatments that require disinfection, as with root treatments and gum disease around teeth and implants.

It is also used when undertaking any aesthetical treatments of the gums and other surgical procedures, thus avoiding the need for stitches. Applied during whitening treatments, it allows patients to obtain a healthy and pleasing smile that enhances self-esteem and offers patients a new image through their smiles.

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3Shape System
CEREC System

The 3Shape system is the latest offering in the field of digital dental impressions. It is a revolutionary system for the design and manufacturing of dental pieces, as the CEREC designs and manufactures dental pieces with the maximum accuracy and quality that is possible. The benefits of the CAD-CAM system that every patient should know about are:

  •  Reductions to the length of treatment, as the digital impression and the piece are made on the same day.
  •  Reduction to discomfort, as it is not required to make any impressions using paste.
  •  The use of temporary crowns is not necessary in many cases.
  •  It improves accuracy in the shape and measurement of each piece thanks to the design done with the computer.
  •  Aesthetic improvements, as each patient’s smile is individually designed.
  •  Neither metal nor alleys are used, guaranteeing perfect biocompatibility and a smaller wearing of the piece.
  •  By using the most advanced materials, the prostheses manufactured have a high resistance to cracks.

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Conscious sedation

Increasing the comfort level and reduce patient’s stress levels are part of our objectives. To achieve this, we apply conscious sedation techniques in some procedures, which can contribute to the relaxation and tranquillity of patients. 

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